Saturday, 31 December 2016

Matt Henshaw - Belief Is All

The moment you lie awake and you start to sink
If only for your own sake, yes, you begin to think
You breathe in, you breathe out and you breathe in the air
The sky and your mind is clouded up with despair

You clasp your hands together and you pray to the skies
Although your words mean something you still fear for your life
You tell me how you are feeling and the things you've seen
Well, que sera my boy, yes, where we'll be we'll be

What do you believe in, and what do you feel?
Where do you want to go and what do you want to see?

Belief Is All we have and all we need
To help us to think and to feel and make us succeed

What do you believe in, and what do you feel?
Where do you want to go and what do you want to see?

Belief Is All we have and all we need
To help us to think and to feel and make us succeed

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Matt Henshaw. Signing Off.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and I'll see you in the New Year. 2017, who would've thought it, eh?

There's a way we must behave not to seem strange ...

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Peace, Love & Tea Everybody ! Hope you're all well ...

Matt Henshaw Belief Is All 2016
Peace, Love & Tea Everybody !  Hope you're all well ...
I've been a little out of action over the last 3 months, without any real access to the internet at home and minimal mobile data, in the modern world it's been very difficult to communicate with you all.  Don't blame me, blame the not so good people at TalkTalk.  Fingers crossed I'll have more luck with my new provider ... 

In many ways it's put a pause on all things Peace, Love & Tea in my one man "business" world, but in other ways it's been bliss, as Sophocles alluded, "Ignorance is", whilst I've missed your communication, love and support, I've also missed out on all the "banter", "locker room talk" and general nonsense that comes with FacebookTwitter and Instagram et al.

But, I have been busy, a successful festival run with the band, a trip into Notts TV, a quick chat with BBC Introducing, and there is new music on the way.  So if you'll allow me to get all my houses in order, I've got some exciting updates to come and plenty more Matt Henshaw brand Peace, Love & Tea to share.

In the meantime, please keep watching the vidssharing the tunes and I look forward to seeing you at a show or sharing your comments on my work in the near future.

Peace, Love & Tea indeed, MHx

PS. buy yourself, or a loved one, a Peace, Love & Tea-shirt if you haven't already ... 
Matt Henshaw Belief Is All 2016
It 'Belief Is All' 13.05.16 is OUT NOW ....
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Big Thanks to everyone who's made a download !!
The official launch of 'Belief Is All' has gone down quite well I think !!
'Belief Is All Tour Playlist' on Spotify ...
#BeliefIsAll 13 .05 . 16 MHxMatt Henshaw Belief Is All 2016
Check the video online now, views and streams are in the 10000s, and for that, I Thank You ...
 Belief Is All Video Matt Henshaw has had a lick of paint too !  I hope you'll take a look see, click around and who knows what you might find.  Easter Eggs aplenty will be kicking around there soon for sure.

Thanks for downloading 'Easier' and the 'Peace, Love & Tea Demonstrations' over Christmas and into the New Year, I hope you will do soon if you haven't already ...
Matt Henshaw Belief Is All 2016
The 'Peace, Love & Tea Demonstrations' are OUT NOW ...
'Easier' - The Indie Chart Smash - is Available too ...

Belief Is All, MHx

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Notts TV This Friday !!

Matt Henshaw at Notts TV

This Friday I'll be returning to Notts TV, so tune in to the 6:30 show !!
Had a lot of fun playing with the band through July, I'm sure those who have seen us can testify and those who haven't will be looking forward to seeing us soon. Spread The Love !!
Keep your eyes and ears out, be sure to "Like" 'Matt Henshaw' and all your dreams will come true ...

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Leicester Festivals Announced #BeliefIsAll Matt Henshaw Summer 2016

Leicester Festivals I should tell you about ...
Tomorrow night (Thursday 5th May) I'll be at the Curve Theatre for Inside Out Festival ... see you there !
Then I'm playing Foxton Locks Festival on Saturday 18th June !!
And Simon Says on the main stage in De Montfort Hall on Sunday 24th July !!!
Listen again to 'Belief Is All' on BBC Introducing ...
Come down to the single launch ...

Photo by Steve Fisher smfpics :)

Friday, 29 April 2016

Matt Henshaw German TV Appearance

Thanks for watching !! Please share and Spread the Love !!

"Happy Friday ! Thank You to any friends who have been to see me, downloaded, streamed, viewed, bought, sought and shared ... the only thing I can ask is that you do it some more, and I hope you will !! ‪#‎BeliefIsAll‬ MHx"

If you missed me at 8:45 on Radio Nottingham Sunday morning you can listen again here and hear a preview of 'Belief Is All' ...


Listen again to 'Belief Is All' on BBC Introducing ...

Come down to the single launch ...
‪#‎BeliefIsAll‬ 13 .05 . 16 MHx

Monday, 11 April 2016

Cheers, Netherlands, Home - German Tour Blog

Hello, I'm alive and well and living in Leicester,

Hope you've enjoyed following my travels as I've had the best chance to keep you up-to-date.

Last week I travelled to play some bigger shows in Bremen, Münster, the beautiful village of Brake and onto the Netherlands and Den Haag.

Fantastic to play with the Legend of Lower Saxony, Christian Steiffen.

I'm waiting on more photographs, and I'd like to share a playlist of some tunes I've been listening to.

Must recharge the batteries and get some energy back, see you on the road. Belief Is All 2016, or indeed, Glauben Ist Alles x

Photo by Beatrice Scholz

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Raise the Capacity, Raise the Roof - German Tour Blog

Right, Right, Right ... where have I been ?

Oldenburg on Easter Monday, you were Beautiful ! Der food ist wunderbar, I ate soooo much pasta it may have caused me to break a little sweat mid show, or I'm verging ever closer to being well and truly 'unfit' ... I think pretty soon you could stamp it on my forehead.

And lovely to return to Bassen and see friends at the Dohm-Eck, one of the greatest things in the world maybe the accent of a German lady married to a man from Darlington now living in York visiting her family at home for Easter ... the Yorkshire Tea is strong in this one !

Tonight I take on the first of three bigger capacity shows, danke schon PS promotion and Christian Steiffen, what an absolute gentleman !!!!

Stay Beautiful folks, I'll see you on the other side x

Monday, 28 March 2016

Another Week, 2 Nights in Osnabruck - German Tour Blog

Hola mi amigos, or hallo meine freunden,

This week included 2 nights at the fabulously named Big Buttinsky in Osnabruck. Just one of the fabulous places I have played and visited this tour.

And England only went and beat Germany on Saturday night !! I was playing in Osnabruck when this was happening. I wasn't going to mention it on stage, partly out of fear, but before I played my encore, I had to ask what score it was, someone told me from their phone it was 2-2. Pleased with that, and thinking "I hope Vardy scored ..."

Then off stage in the process of shifting some vinyl a kid comes running up - "England just scored ! In the last minute !! Erik somebody !!!" - haha ! Great night ... and then I went to watch the highlights with a real life German celebrity ... more on that next time ...

Last night at the Katakomben in Achim, great to see some old faces, and get requests for some Small Faces. It'a a bit like the Cavern down there, or more like under London Bridge, but trying it's best to be like Paris.

Loads of Love to all and everyone out there, I hope life is treating you well, you're all staying safe and Beautiful.

I'll Be Back, Over & Out, MHx

PS. Matt Henshaw from the USA had a good one, not as good as Matt Henshaw (UK) though ...

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

History, Seaside, Ice Cream and Candles - German Tour Blog

Has anyone in England ever said to you that it's "Baltic outside" ? Well, I went over to East Germany and saw the sunshine and had a lovely day at the beach. Mak Show, Great Show !

This last week has been a busy one, sorry for the lack of updates. I've played Kühlungsborn - pictured below - Münster, Hamburg, Harsefeld and Leer.

Great setting by the old court house in Münster and the old Tollhouse bordering Germany and the Netherlands in Leer.

We went to see Hamburg get spanked 3-1 by Hoffenheim, the youngest coach in world football seized the day. I got myself a mug and a scarf, obligatory to me watching football on the road.

The show in Harsefeld earned a free ice cream and drinks after hours in the Italian Gelato place down the road.

And Monday, on my day off, we took in the Concentration Camp at Bergen-Belsen, astounding to take in such dark recent history and really put some perspective on the life we all take for granted. Nice work British Army, you did good.

Osnabruck tonight for the first of my two shows at the fabulously named Big Buttinsky. England play Germany this weekend ... and Sheffield Wednesday did quite well against Charlton didn't we. I celebrated accordingly with ice cream.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Stage Lights & Shakespeare - German Tour Blog

Two more nights down in Deutschland ...

The BuS in Huchting was a beautiful setting - pictured below - a place to play some delicate tunes and great to see some familiar faces down the front. Easier E-Easier they sang and they clapped. Freiden, Leibe und Tee is alive and well.

The Falstaff Shakespeare Theatre, another lovely setting for some music, I attempted a lot of pidgin German, and slipped into Spanish part way through, the audience - no hablan espanol !

Today I head to a TV station on the Weser river and tonight it's a casino show, you never know your luck in a raffle ...

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Deutschland Veggie Special ! German Tour Blog

Glauben ist alles meine freunden !

How's it goin' ? I'm very well, thank you. Couple of nights down in Germany, let's see how we did.

It was fantastic to return to Zeven, great to see a couple down for soundcheck in their Peace, Love & Tea-shirts, and a bunch of local press for some interviews and photos, good to feel welcome in the north west of Germany before I'd even played a note. You Beautiful Souls !

So we had to wait for Hertha Berlin vs. Schalke 04 to finish on the big screen before I could play my show, first of the Glaben Ist Alles tour, and 'Belief Is All' went down extremely well, much much much singing along and a great mix of people.

On the political front, most folks were in agreement that Britain would be better off "out" of the EU, and one chap told me that, in as many words, "he may not have done everything right, but Adolf Hitler did build great stadiums!" ... I have little to no opinion on these things, just thought it would be humorous to bring to your attention ! It reminds you of the joke "you f*ck one goat!!?!!" ...

Anyways, top times, the staff remembered my preference for tea with "the cow's milk" in abundance, and I enjoyed a mind blowing veggie pizza, broccoli, sweetcorn, fresh tomato and fresh made pizza dough, Ja ! So, onto Cuxhaven, by the seaside in the very north of the country, as in the North Seas, as in, the same one we have in Skeg and Grimsby ...

It was nice to climb a dune and see the sea, hit some top speeds on the autobahn, Fatboy Slim, Derek & The Dominoes, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones really work well flying down there, and one you might want to Google search Reverend Cleatus' 'The Slip' ... thank me later !

The show itself was great, lovely seaside folks, an encore that turned into a 45 minute soulmuzik session ! 'Play The Game' provided a particularly enjoyable sing-a-along.

The night's veggie option - pictured below - an extremely weak perfumed tea mitt milch (cafe cream) a small bowl of peanuts, and a glass of bread sticks, apologies I didn't try the local beer and wurst Janja, I'm sure they're both fabulous.

Transmission End. Live Long. Thanks for reading ...

PS. Sheffield Wednesday 3 (THREE) - Nottingham Forest 0 (NIL) WUNDERBAR !!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Hello Germany ! Hallo Deutschland !!

Good Evening Brothers & Sisters,

I've arrived in Germany after 15 hours travel Leiceester to Dover, across the channel to Dunkirk, through France, Belgium and the Netherlands, a quick stop for a tinkle in Duisberg, and 70 cents for the pleasure, then a quick nap at the ausfahrt for Münsterland services and onto Bremen.

First show in Zeven tomorrow night, but I'll save that for then, tonight I have upheld my values as a true Englishman, I found some milch, as in milk, as soon as I could, located a kettle, made a brew and now I'm sat watching Liverpool try and put one over on Man United, can't believe these two have never met in Europe, and let's honest, they're not exactly at the height of their powers ... oh well !

And Dortmund showed Spurs a thing or two about how to host a European affair, fingers crossed I get to see some football whilst I'm out here, looking forward to the night England are out here in Berlin and I'm entertaining the good people at the Big Buttinsky in Osnabruck.

Anyway, back to the tea, and I think I've packed some biscuits somewhere ...


Over & Out, MHx