Wednesday, 28 April 2010

B-Boy Soul (Intro) video uploaded ...

Watch it now, let me know what you think ... There's 28 record sleeves in there altogether, see if you can name them all, keep your eyes peeled and then enjoy the dancing!! Matt Henshaw

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

B-Boy Soul (Intro) new track uploaded ...

The opening track of the forthcoming album has just been uploaded into my myspace music player. "B-Boy Soul (Intro)"

Have yourself a listen and look out for the video coming shortly.

It's an introduction to B-Boy Soul and the new music ting we got goin' on down in the Deepest Cellar. Hope you like.

Matt Henshaw x

The Deepest Cellar release date ...

The Deepest Cellar featuring matt henshaw will be officially released on the 1st of May 2010 (01/05/10)

I hope you're ready, steady, go!

With Love,
Matt Henshaw x

The Deepest Cellar video online

Go on over to YouTube and have a look right now!!

Watch the brand new video for Matt Henshaw - The Deepest Cellar now on youtube ...

Have yourself a little dance if you like!

With Love,
Matt x

The Deepest Cellar on MySpace

Hope you like my new space, even though it's a little on the bland side at the minute.

Hopefully you can't argue with the tune though. Big up Reggiimental, and the Unfriendly Neighbours on the remix, i'm sure you'll hear all in due course and good time.

Bye for now x

Hello and Welcome ...

... to my blog on blogspot/blogger. Here I'll be posting updates on my music, music I like, films and general online habberdashery that you all need to know about. I'll be uploading a brand spanking new video later today in the build up to the release of The Deepest Cellar, my new b-boy soul record collaborating with Reggiimental. You can find all kinds of other stuff online about my good self from places like MySpace, Twitter, bandcamp,, wikipedia, facebook etc. etc. It's a big old cyber world out there ... With Love, Matt Henshaw x