Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Raise the Capacity, Raise the Roof - German Tour Blog

Right, Right, Right ... where have I been ?

Oldenburg on Easter Monday, you were Beautiful ! Der food ist wunderbar, I ate soooo much pasta it may have caused me to break a little sweat mid show, or I'm verging ever closer to being well and truly 'unfit' ... I think pretty soon you could stamp it on my forehead.

And lovely to return to Bassen and see friends at the Dohm-Eck, one of the greatest things in the world maybe the accent of a German lady married to a man from Darlington now living in York visiting her family at home for Easter ... the Yorkshire Tea is strong in this one !

Tonight I take on the first of three bigger capacity shows, danke schon PS promotion and Christian Steiffen, what an absolute gentleman !!!!

Stay Beautiful folks, I'll see you on the other side x