Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Deepest Cellar - Reviewed & Rated ...

All the recent reviews and press features and tales of the narrative plot so far in the story of Matt Henshaw and ReggiiMental have been posted up on the official myspace page of Matt Henshaw so get yourself over there now !!!

Matt Henshaw's Official MySpace page

Watch out as new players enter the fray ... Chris Goring about to drop a BIG project ... Joey G-Zus will be tingling your very soul with Cartoon Hip-Hop Volume. 3 very soon ... Flava Dan is Cleanin' Up with ReggiiMental on the first installment of the Rusty Jukebox Radio DJ series ... and the much more and many man dem to come ...

Keep up with all the latest from Rusty Jukebox Records.

I hope we've left you Wanting More ... 'cos there's plenty more coming your way !!!
<a href="http://matthenshaw.bandcamp.com/track/wanting-more">Wanting More by Matt Henshaw</a>

Monday, 26 July 2010

Lovebox Festival 2010 Video Diary #1 ...

yo yo yo ... let Rukus tell you wagwarn @ Lovebox festival Victoria Park London Friday 16th July 2010 ... Matt Henshaw takes to the main stage up before Dizzee Rascal he's just a rascal, Ellie Goulding, Chase 'n' Status and all the man dem ... Mark Ronson and Roxy Music on the following day ... then Hot Chip and Grace Jones ... Matt Henshaw sharing dressing room space with Bombay Bicycle Club and the Maccabees ... and Dizzee Rascal's entourage ... The Deepest Cellar hits the main stage ... plus Grown Ups from the Unfriendly Neighbours and Joey G-zus's Cartoon Hip-Hop Volume. 3 ... soon come ... the track The World's Gone Mad ... mad shit ... sounds big !!! Stay Tuned !!! Also, some quick big ups ... the NME, the New Musical Express, Lovebox, Blackberry, the BBC, Adidas, Adidas, NME magazine, LoveBox, Groove Armada, Dizzee Rascal, MixMag, The Fly magazine, DJ magazine, London, the East Midlands and the BBC ... they're all showing love to the Matt Henshaw and ReggiiMental projects so they are sweet ... repetition like it ain't no ting ... big tings a gwarn ... yes Rukus ... yes Dizzee ... Watch them credits roll at the end ... Matt Henshaw, ReggiiMental, Rukus, Bigga Man, Joey G-zus, Emma Louise, Flava Dan, Lloyd, D-BO, Joe Rizzle, Liam Byrne, Haydn Allen, Ryan Bloore, Devas... And love to Alice Wignall, Flavia Serrelli, Valerie Siebert, Dan Chapman, Lars Royalle, Gordon G Hudson and Darren Brown ... And not forgetting to good people of Jaegermeister and Gaymers ... cheers for the drinks ... http://www.matthenshaw.com http://www.myspace.com/matthenshawmusic http://www.rustyjukebox.com http://www.reggiimental.com And don't forget to treat yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith remix) ... http://matthenshaw.bandcamp.com/ Coming soon ... live video footage from the festival ... Cartoon Hip-Hop ... Flava Dan on Rusty Jukebox Radio ... the Chris Goring album project ... The Fire Pit ... nuff Deepest Cellar remixes ... backstage antics with Will Young ... and much much much much ... keep 'em peeled folks ... http://www.matthenshaw.wordpress.com - for all the latest news !!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith Remix) video uploaded ...

So here it is ... the official vid for the Stan Smith Remix of the classic single from the album The Deepest Cellar by ReggiiMental featuring Matt Henshaw ... as a FREE DOWNLOAD this version of this song has received alot of love and praise and has gone down a treat in the live arena ... http://www.matthenshaw.bandcamp.com and loads of other goodies ... why not try to make your own Adidas Trainers remix ... you never know you might get some free gear !!! http://www.matthenshaw.com http://www.myspace.com/matthenshawmusic http://www.youtube.com/user/ilsonowl <a href="http://matthenshaw.bandcamp.com/track/adidas-trainers-stan-smith-remix">Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith Remix) by Matt Henshaw</a>

Friday, 9 July 2010

Matt Henshaw Video Diary July 2010 featuring ReggiiMental, Flava Dan, Unfriendly Neighbours etc.

A little earlier than usual for my video of the week but we got some gooooooooood news ... LoveBox 2010 ... we there !!! Big Big Big News brother !!! Just recorded this video quick ting outside Jimmy B-Boy Reggiimental's yard ... tell you all wagwarn in the world of Matt Henshaw ... Through the Looking Glass and into the Wonderland ... JB Jimmy B tell you the story ... So just what has been happening ... The Deepest Cellar out and big time released on Rusty JukeBox and ilsonowl records. joint project hitting up the airwarves ... BBC, NME, Best of MySpace ... Mogadishu Festival with Kula Shaker and JOhnny Marr ... MixMag we in there ... it's all in this vid ... and then to make summer 2010 ... the year of B-Boy Soul ... something new for you radio dial ... we gots LoveBox 2010 ... Big Love to the NME peeps who put us there ... the pickers and choosers ... Dizzee Rascal, Tom Findlay, Groove Armada, Krissi Murison, Jaimie Hodgson ... droppin' on the main stage before Chase &amp; Status ... it's gonna be dub, skanking, reggae, soul brother stuff for a couple and some dirty nasty dubstep all with a mod soul b-boy flex ... Summer 2010 ... B-Boy Soul ... Who's on stage in the posse ... Matt Henshaw, ReggiiMental, Unfriendly Neighbours, Joe Gutta, Bigga Man, Joe Rizzle, the fresh prince of breakbeat Flava Dan, Byrnez tha producer down in The Deepest Cellar, Emma Louise on some vocals, SC Sutten Catchy &lt;--- he's the man, Crissy Gee (look out for the project, live, percussion and ting, rural english uk hip-hop, pastoral and raps, it never bin done before, Traffic near, Stevie Winwood, Roots Manuva, Banana Klan, Adidas, trainers and ting ... Make sure you go ahead and treat yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith remix) ... http://matthenshaw.bandcamp.com/track/adidas-trainers-stan-smith-remix/ With Love & Respect to all out in cyberland, http://www.matthenshaw.com http://www.myspace.com/matthenshawmusic

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Matt Henshaw @ LoveBox Festival 2010, London, Victoria Park ...

Check the news ... opening for Dizzee and co ... http://loveboxofficial.tumblr.com/post/777315763/lovebox-and-nme-breakthrough-announce-finalist-to-play http://www.lovebox.net/news/article/94 http://www.nme.com/news/nme-breakthrough/51881 And treat yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith remix) ... http://matthenshaw.bandcamp.com/track/adidas-trainers-stan-smith-remix/ Love in the LoveBox, Matt Henshaw http://www.myspace.com/matthenshawmusic

Matt Henshaw & ReggiiMental on The Beat on the BBC uploaded to youtube ...

Here's a recording from the radio ... Matt Henshaw and ReggiiMental on The Beat on BBC in the East Midlands, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Lincoln, Staffordshire and other parts of the country and all over that digital dial and worldwide on the worldwide web ... you know that ... with Dean Jackson and the supreme team ... a pleasant time was had by all ... acoustic version of Can't Hold Back for you pleasure and a snippet of Far Away ... big ups Ras Supa, Rukus, Flava Dan and the Censored boys ... Chris Goring and Christopher Owen ... http://www.matthenshaw.com http://www.myspace.com http://www.last.fm/music/Matt+Henshaw Just been told we're playing LoveBox Festival ... opening the main stage on the Friday ... before Dizze Rascal, Ellie Goulding, the Bombay Bicycle Club, Chase & Status and big hitter such as Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music and the one and only Grace Jones ... cloud nine ain't the place ... we takin' it higher like James Brown in the 70s ... say what ?!?!? With Love, Matt Henshaw

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Deepest Cellar on the radio ... BBC, NME, Best of Myspace and Mogadishu Festival ...

Some good news folks ... over the last few weeks we've had a nice bit of playlisting ... The Deepest Cellar has been hitting the airwaves ... and not just one track ... Adidas Trainers, Can't Hold Back, Far Away and of course the title track The Deepest Cellar have all been played out by one DJ or another ... Tomorrow night we'll be featured on BBC in the East Midlands for a live interview and radio session with Dean Jackson ... be sure you're tuned in ... NME Radio and the Best of MySpace have been playing us out too ... radio presenter Gill Mills is loving the speed and funkiness of The Deepest Cellar ... http://www.myspace.com/bestofmyspace/music/playlists/best-of-myspace-99-1487797 And the lovely people at the NME new music and Radar pages have selected that same tune for their compilation of the best new music around currently ... http://music.nme.com/bands/$features_blog/2010/06/18/nme_breakthrough_compilation And be sure to tune in to Mogadishu Festival on the 5th July ... you can listen online to Matt Henshaw alonsgside the likes of Kula Shaker and Johnny Marr ... and it's all for a good cause ... And you've only got a few days left so you muuuuuuuust ... Vote for me to play at LoveBox 2010 if you would be so kind, thank you very much, it only takes a second ... http://apps.facebook.com/playlovebox/ And treat yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith remix) ... http://matthenshaw.bandcamp.com/track/adidas-trainers-stan-smith-remix/ And there's other radio, review and blog news over @ http://www.rustyjukebox.com/ and http://www.reggiimental.com/ ... ReggiiMental & Matt Henshaw in the area !!! With Love, Matt Henshaw x

Thursday, 1 July 2010

BBC Radio Session on Saturday evening ...

Tune your dial for Matt Henshaw and ReggiiMental on Dean Jackson's The Beat this Saturday evening ... so that's BBC Radio Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Lincoln and bits of the West Midlands, the North and the South ... and you can listen online of course ... we'll be hitting the airwaves with some chat and some tunes at around 8:30pm ... but I would recommend tuning into the whole thing for a truly eclectic affair and some top tunes ... especially the B-Boy Soul ones ... You'll be filled in on all things Matt Henshaw in that show, so I stress that you must listen ... and don't forget ... Vote for me to play at LoveBox 2010 if you would be so kind, thank you very much, it only takes a second ... http://apps.facebook.com/playlovebox/ And treat yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith remix) ... http://www.matthenshaw.bandcamp.com/ Big Love, Matt http://www.matthenshaw.com