Wednesday, 27 March 2013 ReDesign

Evening folks,

If you've been flicking around the world wide web in search of Matt Henshaw produce you might have noticed that my social networks have had something of a design overhaul. Overhauled they have been indeed. is now looking a little easier on the eyes. Nice clean, white and beautifully adorned by my face and that of Mr. ReggiiMental's, in the lead up to our album release on May 1st the site will grow organically and I'll be adding more and more content to there. Music, videos, images, blogs, feeds, whatever you need to make you surfing experience that little bit more exciting; as if a whole internet full of all the world's cyber information isn't enough already !

Stay tuned as shortly I'll be giving you live dates, album artwork if you haven't seen it already, tracklisting and special information only though of you plugged into the blogosphere are able to access. Hopefully your appetite is moistened and whetted and you're looking forward to the summer of 2013 as much as I am ... and with a new B-Boy Soul soundtrack to boot !

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stand by the Window wins Best Music Video @ St Albans Film Festival ...

So we went down and played in St Albans last weekend and it's been announced that our video won Best Music Video ... here it is ...

Just clocked over 4000 views too ... give it a few more ... share it with a friend and enjoy the rest of the month ... artwork, tracklisting and sounds from the album Coming Around from me and ReggiiMental coming in the next month ... released May 1st !!

Matt H. x

Monday, 11 March 2013

March on March with Satsuma Elephants ...

Bouncing into 2013 like Colonel Hathi from The Jungle Book !

Share this video and in the long run you might just save a small Indian child ... in red pants. Oh Mowgli !

Talking nonsense I am ... just ignore it ... I'm just excited.