Sunday, 13 March 2016

Deutschland Veggie Special ! German Tour Blog

Glauben ist alles meine freunden !

How's it goin' ? I'm very well, thank you. Couple of nights down in Germany, let's see how we did.

It was fantastic to return to Zeven, great to see a couple down for soundcheck in their Peace, Love & Tea-shirts, and a bunch of local press for some interviews and photos, good to feel welcome in the north west of Germany before I'd even played a note. You Beautiful Souls !

So we had to wait for Hertha Berlin vs. Schalke 04 to finish on the big screen before I could play my show, first of the Glaben Ist Alles tour, and 'Belief Is All' went down extremely well, much much much singing along and a great mix of people.

On the political front, most folks were in agreement that Britain would be better off "out" of the EU, and one chap told me that, in as many words, "he may not have done everything right, but Adolf Hitler did build great stadiums!" ... I have little to no opinion on these things, just thought it would be humorous to bring to your attention ! It reminds you of the joke "you f*ck one goat!!?!!" ...

Anyways, top times, the staff remembered my preference for tea with "the cow's milk" in abundance, and I enjoyed a mind blowing veggie pizza, broccoli, sweetcorn, fresh tomato and fresh made pizza dough, Ja ! So, onto Cuxhaven, by the seaside in the very north of the country, as in the North Seas, as in, the same one we have in Skeg and Grimsby ...

It was nice to climb a dune and see the sea, hit some top speeds on the autobahn, Fatboy Slim, Derek & The Dominoes, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones really work well flying down there, and one you might want to Google search Reverend Cleatus' 'The Slip' ... thank me later !

The show itself was great, lovely seaside folks, an encore that turned into a 45 minute soulmuzik session ! 'Play The Game' provided a particularly enjoyable sing-a-along.

The night's veggie option - pictured below - an extremely weak perfumed tea mitt milch (cafe cream) a small bowl of peanuts, and a glass of bread sticks, apologies I didn't try the local beer and wurst Janja, I'm sure they're both fabulous.

Transmission End. Live Long. Thanks for reading ...

PS. Sheffield Wednesday 3 (THREE) - Nottingham Forest 0 (NIL) WUNDERBAR !!