Monday, 28 March 2016

Another Week, 2 Nights in Osnabruck - German Tour Blog

Hola mi amigos, or hallo meine freunden,

This week included 2 nights at the fabulously named Big Buttinsky in Osnabruck. Just one of the fabulous places I have played and visited this tour.

And England only went and beat Germany on Saturday night !! I was playing in Osnabruck when this was happening. I wasn't going to mention it on stage, partly out of fear, but before I played my encore, I had to ask what score it was, someone told me from their phone it was 2-2. Pleased with that, and thinking "I hope Vardy scored ..."

Then off stage in the process of shifting some vinyl a kid comes running up - "England just scored ! In the last minute !! Erik somebody !!!" - haha ! Great night ... and then I went to watch the highlights with a real life German celebrity ... more on that next time ...

Last night at the Katakomben in Achim, great to see some old faces, and get requests for some Small Faces. It'a a bit like the Cavern down there, or more like under London Bridge, but trying it's best to be like Paris.

Loads of Love to all and everyone out there, I hope life is treating you well, you're all staying safe and Beautiful.

I'll Be Back, Over & Out, MHx

PS. Matt Henshaw from the USA had a good one, not as good as Matt Henshaw (UK) though ...