Thursday, 10 March 2016

Hello Germany ! Hallo Deutschland !!

Good Evening Brothers & Sisters,

I've arrived in Germany after 15 hours travel Leiceester to Dover, across the channel to Dunkirk, through France, Belgium and the Netherlands, a quick stop for a tinkle in Duisberg, and 70 cents for the pleasure, then a quick nap at the ausfahrt for Münsterland services and onto Bremen.

First show in Zeven tomorrow night, but I'll save that for then, tonight I have upheld my values as a true Englishman, I found some milch, as in milk, as soon as I could, located a kettle, made a brew and now I'm sat watching Liverpool try and put one over on Man United, can't believe these two have never met in Europe, and let's honest, they're not exactly at the height of their powers ... oh well !

And Dortmund showed Spurs a thing or two about how to host a European affair, fingers crossed I get to see some football whilst I'm out here, looking forward to the night England are out here in Berlin and I'm entertaining the good people at the Big Buttinsky in Osnabruck.

Anyway, back to the tea, and I think I've packed some biscuits somewhere ...


Over & Out, MHx