Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ilkeston FC & i luv live Derby setlists ...

In after a long night ! 2 shows, 1 night. Here's the setlist of what tunes we done !

It Ain't Easy
Dutch Courage
Naughty Girls
Always in the Way
Let Everything Go
Can't Hold Back
Gimme Some More

When I Close My Eyes
Gimme Some More
Everybody Clap Your Hands
Can't Hold Back

I know there are some great gravy videos and pics out there so we'll have them shortly shall we !

All my love,
Matt Henshaw x

Friday, 28 June 2013

Lively Up Yourselves ... 2 shows 1 night ...

Afternoon folks,

Just had a mega phonecall about the next Matt Henshaw single coming your way as soon as we can make it happen ... who likes vinyl and psychedelic colours?

Anyways, today? I'm about to head up to Derbyshire where Reggii and I will be playing first at Ilkeston FC for the Woodchoppers Ball ... a little acoustic affair ... and then into Derby city centre for a show at Club 10 on the The Wardwick, smashing out some live B-Boy Soul into the wee hours. See you around ...

Don't watch that ... watch this !

Thursday, 27 June 2013

'It Ain't Easy' Live in Birmingham video ...

Featuring Lukasz of MuthaFunk on sax.

Hope you like it. Keep on watching !

We're rehearsing tonight for the upcoming festivals, working on a great closing medley number, looking forward to getting everyone clapping their hands and stanping their feer !!!

All My Love,
Matt Henshaw x

PS. learn some lyrics ...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham setlist ... Introducing BuBill ...

Afternoon, and what a beauty,

Moving house, same postcode, all the fun of the fair ! New cat in town and some stories from the West Midlands to tell ... let's get that out the way first shall we ...

Here's the songs I played last night in Brum with MuthaFunk ...
We Want The Funk
I've Had Tears
(If You Think You're) Groovy
It Ain't Easy
25 Miles

... and Phil the King Funk King did some fantastic vocals on Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground ! Love it ! Love him ! Love you all !!!

And so now for the biggest news of all ... wanna see a pic of the new member of the Henshaw clan, of the feline variety ... his name is BuBill, after Bill Hicks' bit about smokers and non-smokers, and he already has a cut behind his ear from scrapping with the Leicestershire Alley Cat Alliance (I think that's what they're calling themselves!) ...

... please excuse my pajimjams and messy hairdo ... I'm just chilling with the cat gulping down some leche ...

And here's a remix of Never Know from the Coming Around album ... try it yourself ... here's all you'll need ...

... thanks Many Elephants soundsystem of Nottinghamshire !

Peace & Love children and men,
Matt Henshaw x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Brown Lion, Birmingham setlist ...

Greetings web dwellers,

A pleasant night in Birmingham was had by all, by all means. So much so that I'm going to make the trip over the Brum twice more this week. Tonight I'll be at the Actress & Bishop with Muthafunk in the Funk Realm. It's gonna be funkay ... and Thursday night on Hockley Street. I am a child of the East but all the West Midlands love I am receiving at the moment is certainly warming the cockles. The week will be capped by Party in the Park in Birmingham again and then Godiva Festival in Coventry net week ... trailing the Warwickshire Festival circuit and Satsuma Elephants all over the Staffordshire airwaves ! Woop !

Here's the tunes I did last night, great little hootenany at the Brown Lion, some excellent musicians joining me for impromptu jams ...
It Ain't Easy
Dutch Courage
I've Had Tears
Naughty Girls
25 Miles
Gimme Some More
Tin Soldier

... cracking stuff. Thanks Andy, Lukasz, Andy, Sam, Sam, Chris, Ste, Sean, Tim, Kalik, Lisa, Andy and everyone that was down, jamming and/or otherwise.

Here's a poster for Sunday's shindig, if you're a Brummie, a Black Country rambler or just nearby then make sure you come down for some funkaliscious good times ...

And some videos for your listening and viewing pleasure ...

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Brown Lion in Birmingham tonight ...

Evening friends,

Just about to head out the door to Birmingham, going over to the Brown Lion for an acoustic show accompanied by Muthafunk saxophonist Lukasz. Looking forward to it. Should be a real good show. Gonna be doing some Satsuma Elephants stuff, some B-Boy Soul and a few soul numbers you'll probably know and love, and if you don't know and love soul music then I've no idea what you're doing here !

Hayfever is a bit of an annoyance, any got it? Send me some tips on how to stop sneezing between writing every sentence of my blog. That would be most helpful !

Here's an acoustic number recorded a few weeks back in the living room of a big fan ... I wasn't allowed through the door without my acoustic guitar and a willingness to sing Can't Hold Back ! Good times nonetheless. You're all beautiful, and if you ever want me to come and play in your living room I probably will, for food and petrol money. I'm easy like Lionel Richie.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

E:Merge Festival setlist and my day ...

Evening music lovers,

Today has been quite nice, and last night too. Caught up with ReggiiMental aka. Jimmy B-Boy and went to see Leah Sinead Sanderson, the best new artist in Nottingham. Watch this space. She'll be big !

Anyways, today, I went to E:Merge Festival, again not scheduled to play I found myself filling a gap between a poet and a choir doing a couple of acoustic numbers ...
It Ain't Easy
Always in the Way

Short and sweet and right up everybody's street, so I was told.

Then on to catch up with some family in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, mother, father, brother and grandparents ... earned myself a "history of football" book from 1979 ... an interesting read.

All my lovin',
Matt Henshaw.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

New Matt Henshaw YouTube Channel ...

Saturday ! Saturday ! Saturday, Saturday !

Sorry, went all a bit Elton John there for a second ... just writing to let you know about my new YouTube Channel design ... you can find looooooooooads of vids on there, Matt Henshaw, ReggiiMental, MuthaFunk, Satsuma Elephants, Censored ... it's all gravy, and it's all mighty fine good gravy !

On the right hand side you can see a bunch of links to YouTube channels I'd highly recommend, including Khan Academy, The Zeitgeist Movement, W3schools, Lee Camp, Satsuma Elephants and more ... I'm sure you'll be hooked up to the world wide web for hours, and who knows you might learn a thing or two ...

Thanks to Charlie Evans Design for all the artwork on there and across my social networks, you can find links to all of them in the About section on the YouTube profile ...

Subscribe, comment, favourite and Like everything you watch, it's all for a good cause ... you wouldn't want me to stop doing what I love now would you?

Here's the latest video from my channel ... have yourself a psychedelic rock out ...

Friday, 21 June 2013

Satsuma Elephts videos ...

Hola gang !

Just a quick one today ... thought you might be up for watching a few Satsuma Elephants videos ! There's new ones popping up online all the time and you're gonna be hearing a lot more new songs over the summer ... stay tuned

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Satsuma Elephants @ Pepper Rocks, Nottingham setlist ...

OK, so this is the last of the setlist blogs for a while ... no gigs for a bit, certainly no Satsuma Elephants 'till Y-Not Festival (we're on on Saturday afternoon by the way) unless something special comes up ... in the mean time we'll be working away at some new songs, beefing up the setlist and hitting the studio to demo some of them proper !

So, Pepper Rocks, Nottingham. Tuesday 18th June, remember the date, the first Satsuma Elephants show in their hometown. And what a show. Certainly the best dressed crowd the Elephants have played for so far. Especially Chief Satsuma in her home made Satsuma Elephants t-shirt ... and very snazzy indeed it looked too ! You can read her thoughts here ...

So what did we play ...
(I Went On) Holiday
Creep Into the Night
Let Everything Go featuring ReggiiMental AKA. Jimmy B-Boy
A Hard Road of Hope
Always in the Way
I Didn't Know What Day It Was

Thanks to everyone who came down ... photographers doing a spectacular job, can't wait to see some pics and my man JC on the video cameras, making the Satsuma Elephants documentary ... the first clip from which can be found on YouTube, roughly edited, before you video editing impressarios hit me with your negative feedback !

And if you didn't know by now there's a brand new website up and running ...

Monday, 17 June 2013

Satsuma Elephants @ The VW Show, The Big Bus Stopover, Uttoxeter Racecourse setlist ...

So here we are again, dropping you a blog off before I go drop off into bed. Tiring time ... that Chris Goring works me hard !

Satsuma Elephants played their fourth show last Saturday, and first festival for a few thousands retro campervan hippy types, I loved it, and I loved them, the best compliment I can be given, and what I was given, is that we "look like we're enjoying ourselves" ... and we are ... for the best part it's me and best friend just jammin' !

The set ...
(I Went On) Holiday
Creep Into the Night
Let Everything Go
A Hard Road of Hope
Always in the Way
I Didn't Know What Day It Was
--- encore ---
Gimme Some More

You may have noticed we did our very first encore. And we jammed out a version Gimme Some More from the album Coming Around ... due in part to our lack of songs but mainly due to ReggiiMental's bubbling and bristling enthusiasm willingness to jump on any stage and give you some "real talk."

Pictures and videos to come. A documentary about the formation and fruition of the Satsuma Elephants is in the works ...
and hopefully we see you all tomorrow at Pepper Rocks - off Bridlesmith Gate. The elephant are on stage @ 10pm. Plenty of time for buses home and getting down with the sound !

All my Love,
Matt Henshaw x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Satsuma Elephants @ The Situation, Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek ...

Jolly Sunday to you all,

So behind on blog updates, we'll get there slowly and surely, I'll fill you in on allllllll the goings on. And there's a lot going on.

Here's what my band Satsuma Elephants played in Leek last Friday night ...
(I Went On) Holiday
Creep Into the Night
Let Everything Go
A Hard Road of Hope
Always in the Way
I Didn't Know What Day It Was

So, that's that ... and here's Chris Satsuma and his elephant pre-show ...

And here's the brand new website ... get a load of this !!!

Make sure you like us on facebook and follow us on twitter ... and enjoy the videos ... the playlist is growing ... stay tuned ...

Monday, 10 June 2013

The Actress & Bishop setlists ...

Evening chaps and chapesses,

Here's the songs I played at the Actress & Bishop in Birmingham last Wednesday 6th June. We were booked in with MuthaFunk and ReggiiMental to play upstairs at our soon to be regular club night The Funk Realm, and then surprisingly downstairs after hours was an open mic night run by none other than Andy Bennett of Ocean Colour Scene, so we did the gig upstairs and then I hung around until 3am jamming with Brimingham's finest.

Upstairs @ the Actress & Bishop, Birmingham ...
What's Going On
The Funky Chicken
Think Twice
Gimme Some More
Coming Around
Nitty Gritty
It's Gettin' Late
Can't Hold Back

And downstairs at the open mic acoustically, accompanied by Lukasz of MuthaFunk on saxophone ...
It Ain't Easy
Always In The Way
Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass
Not In Nottingham
Your Eyes Are Made Of Gold

How jolly pleasant and spiffing it all was. Plenty of Birmingham/Nottingham "banter" and good times had by all.

Here's me playing 'Let Everything Go' acoustically, a new addition to the Satsuma Elephants set ... a sing-a-long ... learn the words !!!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Busy week for Matt Henshaw, MuthaFunk, ReggiiMental & Satsuma Elephants ...

Evening/Morning All,

Wow, it's been tooooo long since I posted you a lovely little blog to read, I might even need to do multiple blogs to cover everything that's been happening over this last week !

The main event I suppose I should tell you about is my trip to BBC Nottingham to record an interview that went out on Saturday night all over the East Midlands and online. You can listen again ... I come in on around 50 minutes ... a quick update on all things Matt Henshaw, MuthaFunk, ReggiiMental and Satsuma Elephants ... Enjoy !

Here I am in the world's best city ...

I'll fill you in setlists for the shows at the Actress & Bishop in Birmingham, jamming with Ocean Colour Scene and Satsuma Elephants live @ The Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek ... when I get a minute or two to sit down and type ...

In the meantime, here's the full series of "Cooking With Satsuma Elephants" ... Chris Goring is one funny mother chuffer ...

And keep listening to Coming Around ...