Tuesday, 22 March 2016

History, Seaside, Ice Cream and Candles - German Tour Blog

Has anyone in England ever said to you that it's "Baltic outside" ? Well, I went over to East Germany and saw the sunshine and had a lovely day at the beach. Mak Show, Great Show !

This last week has been a busy one, sorry for the lack of updates. I've played Kühlungsborn - pictured below - Münster, Hamburg, Harsefeld and Leer.

Great setting by the old court house in Münster and the old Tollhouse bordering Germany and the Netherlands in Leer.

We went to see Hamburg get spanked 3-1 by Hoffenheim, the youngest coach in world football seized the day. I got myself a mug and a scarf, obligatory to me watching football on the road.

The show in Harsefeld earned a free ice cream and drinks after hours in the Italian Gelato place down the road.

And Monday, on my day off, we took in the Concentration Camp at Bergen-Belsen, astounding to take in such dark recent history and really put some perspective on the life we all take for granted. Nice work British Army, you did good.

Osnabruck tonight for the first of my two shows at the fabulously named Big Buttinsky. England play Germany this weekend ... and Sheffield Wednesday did quite well against Charlton didn't we. I celebrated accordingly with ice cream.