Thursday, 17 April 2014

Matt Henshaw Sings ... 'The Mighty Quinn' by Manfred Mann and Bob Dylan & The Band

A second instalment of Matt Henshaw Sings now, and it's a little different from the first, and the usual kind of cover versions you see on YouTube ...

I went to Portugal at the start of this month, and it was the longest I've gone for a long while without singing, apart from a couple of rounds on karaoke, but best not to talk about that really, so I thought driving up to my first show of the month I ought to try and warm up my voice with the iPod going round in the car, I skipped a few to find one that I could sing along to and belt it out, apparently I got really excited when Quinn The Eskimo came along, so the wife decided to start doing some cheeky filming ...

So, I sang a little and I smiled a little and I laughed alot. Unfortunately for everyone, I'm sure, it wasn't so much the prospect of singing along that got me excited, but all the useless/useful knowledge and trivia I have about the song, Quinn The Eskimo, Nicholas Ray, Manfred Mann, Bob Dylan and The Band ... I didn't really wreal much off here, but anyone who has ever sat in my passenger seat would be able to tell you, I love to give little bits of poptastic trivia out about whatever comes on my iPod.

I'll leave you with a few interesting pictures ... please discuss ...

Quinn The Eskimo

The Savage Innocents directed by Nicholas Ray

Bob Dylan

Manfred Mann

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx