Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Henshaw's Horticultural Blog: Strawberry Flowers & Getting Ready for Summer !

Good day mateys !

I've just had a wonderful morning and afternoon tea in the garden. Strawberry flowers everywhere, tulips blooming their last gasps of spring and the greenhouse is toasty and warm, currently housing my peas, hemp, lettuce, tomatoes and more herbs and spices than you'd care to shake a stick at.

Nothing like a cup of Yorkshire Tea when you're sat back admiring it all, and a juice, this afternoon made up of strawberries, mint, pomegranate, grapes, apple, pear, radish and beetroot, yum yum yum ! A real summer fruits affair !!

The weeds will come with a vengeance this time of year, but it pays of the nip a few in the bud and make sure you're flowers and fruits get all the nutrients they may usurp, look out for things like dandelions too that are perfect for adding to your green juices, there are a lot more edible bits in the garden than we're often told about. Most won't kill you, I think it's pretty obvious which one might, steer clear of the unknown berries and really dark green viney foliage.

In the meantime, doing my real job, I've uploaded a couple of acoustic demos to Soundcloud, two songs that will appear on my next EP 'Always In The Way' ... OUT JUNE 16th !!

'The Way It Is' has only been up there a couple of hours and 'Goodnight' a couple of days, but the response already has been fantastic, look out for the full band versions surfacing ... piano skills, strings, guitar solos and lots of other lovely good stuff. Stay Tuned !! Spread The Love, MHx

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