Friday, 25 April 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... Abandon Her

Abandon Her are amongst the local bands I have seen the most around Leicester in 2014, great band, great songs and, above all, lovely people ! Four of the loveliest you might ever meet. And they're playing for me at The Cookie for my next single launch in June, more on that later ...

The band invited me to play at their EP launch at The Musician in Leicester back in March and it was a wonderful spring day full of love and music, and free cake ! There's nothing better than sipping your favourite brand of tea, in my case Yorkshire, and being entranced by their glorious music.

Olivia has an effortlessly beautiful voice, Abby writes classic pop structured tunes, Sarah knows her way around a keyboard and if Giles doesn't make you laugh within minutes of meeting him then something must be amiss, and he's a great drummer to boot. Great, genuine advocates for Spreading The Love these folk !

My iTunes is currently pretty bare, composing of my two records plus Abandon Her's brilliant debut 'Principles', and Tapestry's free EP (maybe a clue as to who I might be recommending next).

Each track is a winner, but the song 'Witches Island', about a roundabout in Countesthorpe of all things, is definitely my favourite song currently of any local artist in the East Midlands, and there's some hearty strong competition, a lot of great music around at the minute ... but here's a quick top 5 of some of my favourites ...

1) Witches Island - Abandon Her
2) Whole - Charlotte Carpenter
3) Princess in a Paper Bag - Becky Edwards
4) Falling From Grace - Leah Sinead
5) We Are The Simpletones - The Simpletones

Just a quick Top 5, not a lot of thought gone into it, just a few that have cemented themselves into my psyche, search for them, have a listen for yourself and enjoy, next week I'll probably have some different favourites.

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