Thursday, 10 April 2014

Matt Henshaw's Acoustic Rhythm & Gospel Cavalcade Part II @ The Cookie, Leicester

One week away and I'm hosting my second night at The Cookie Jar in Leicester, very excited I am too, we're going for it on the third Friday of the month, every month, until Christmas, and maybe beyond !

This month I'm hosting a bevvy of beautiful ladies, a harem as such, but this is more by accident than design, but what a happy accident ! So for your pleasure, and mine as well, we have ...

Kate Rendell

Becky Edwards

Emily Carr

... and myself of course, trying really hard to follow my very own Supremes ! I need to really up my Marvin Gaye A-Game !! See you then Leicester folk !!

Here's me and James Byron sharing some love last time around ... this picture pretty much sums up the good feeling in the air for a solid 5 hours of great music and positives vibrations !!

Spread The Love ! MHx