Monday, 28 April 2014

Things I Like ... Khan Academy

There are a few things I enthuse about, endlessly if you know me, fruit and vegetables, health and nutrition, tea, music and football and education ... if we all embraced a few of these things I'm sure we could make the world a better place ... honestly I do ...

If you want to make sense of this below ... get yourselves over there and sign up ! Doing a few problems a day, refreshing your skills or preparing for an upcoming exam, a little bit of Maths and Science everyday can help you to relax, get your brain working and help beat of tiredness, fatigue and depression ... change your world and the world today ...

I've been using Khan Academy practically since the day it started, and followed Sal Khan's meteoric rise in the world of education, his vision for how we can educate young people better, easier and cheaper, at their own pace, and altering the entire world education system is inspiring. You can watch loads of his lectures and interviews on the website, and even grab a copy of his book 'The One World Schoolhouse'.

It has just undergone a major redesign and the company is growing, not for profit, helped in the beginning with funding from Google and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is now a little bigger than Sal operating out of his closet in California !!

I was introduced to the Khan Academy by Douglas Mallette, watching one of his lectures on Cybernated Farm Systems and equating the maladies of how we live and produce food, waste and energy on earth with how we could transform it so easily using Mars base technology. I'll probably write more on him and CFS at a later date. But it's good when one inspirational character leads you to another, and there are plenty around, even today, you just have to know where to look. First piece of advice - "switch off the tele" !

See you all soon Math Geniuses,
Peace, Love & Tea, MHx

PS. here's some videos of me and what I do ...

Things I Like ...
Yorkshire Tea
Tippy The Cat
Khan Academy

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