Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... Stef Baker

Head down to the Soundhouse to see Grace & The Magic Roots and catch up with the great Rhett Barrow on a quiet Tuesday night and you just might happen to see someone who stops you in your tracks and blows you away. That's exactly what happened last night with the wonderful, glorious and extremely talented Stef Baker ... I enjoyed her short set so much that I've added her to my show at The Cookie on Friday night.

Just four songs was all it took, and to be fair she had me hooked after two original gems, and then produced a superbly haunting cover of Wonderwall that reminded you that, even though you've heard it a million time ad infinitum, and it may have driven you up the wall at varying points in your life, it is a great, great song. Kind of like when Ryan Adams slowed it down and Noel Gallagher said that's how he always intended it to be. Although The Chemical Brothers claim he took it to them before they recorded Setting Sun and N. Gallagher wanted to make a Balearic dance tune with it !

So, yeah, Stef Baker will be joining myself, Becky Edwards, Kate Rendell and Emily Carr at The Cookie in Leicester on Friday night, and there's a few other surprise guests planned too, and with Charlotte Carpenter hosting her Tea Party downstairs we're sure to have a whole building full of Love !

Other reasons to Love Stef ... even though you'll have hundreds after Friday night ... she obviously quite likes LEGO almost as much as I do as well !!