Saturday, 26 April 2014

Matt Henshaw Sings ... 'Wonderful World' by Sam Cooke

A bit of soul for you in the midnight hour, and back to the smoky salubrious setting of my living room for a bit of Sam Cooke. Just because I fancied it, and just because I believe he is the greatest singer in the history of ever !!

I could not begin to tell you, or describe the profound affect this man and his music has had on my life, when I hear his dulcet tones resonate through speakers anywhere my heart is filled with joy and my soul is bustling with gladness. He stands alone as an inspiration, success and master in the world of soul and every day we should be thankful he did what he did, wrote what he wrote and sang what he sang, because if it wasn't for Mr Cooke the wonderful world of music wouldn't be the same today.

He changed the musical landscape, for black and for white, and for British and American. Thousands upon millions of lives have been changed by 'A Change Gonna Come', 'You Send Me' or 'Twistin' The Night Away', some explicit and some implicit so, his musical influence and reach stretches like the octaves in his vocal range.

And thank God he lived and sang, because immediately without him we wouldn't have had Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Steve Marriott, Rod Stewart, Eric Burdon or any number of British kids in the 60s that tried to emulate what this man did, and he was a young Aretha Franklin's favourite singer too ... Goodnight and God Bless !! Spread The Love, MHx

The man himself ...

This record makes me cry when I listen to it, regularly, and I'm not ashamed to admit it ...

The King & Queen of Soul !!

And he was mates with this chap too, even had him singing on a couple of records ... Yeah Man !!

Matt Henshaw Sings ...
The Mighty Quinn

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