Sunday, 11 December 2011

Back in The Deepest Cellar with ReggiiMental ...

Morning folks,

Yesterday was a great stretch of time catching up with my old partner in crime and demo-ing some new tunes (you'll hear them in good time) ... but as we grew nostalgic and wistful for what was only a year or so ago we thought we'd do a special little acoustic version of a Deepest Cellar favourite ... and here I've uploaded it at a gift for you, the performance isn't the best and ReggiiMental aka. Mr. Jimmy B-Boy sounds like he's skulking round outside the vocal booth but it's a five minute slice of our time just for you ... enjoy!

The new demos sound great - guitar solo alert! - and I'm very much looking forward to getting a full band on them ... and what's that, did someone say an accordion ???