Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ferguson gives out the De Gea-dryer ... Premier League XIs/11s/elevens (continued) click youself a button on the poll machine ...

Well, what an interesting night of Champions League football ... the Champagne corks pop around London and at the Channel 5 offices as the Europa League just got a heck of a lot more interesting ...

With the fantastic response I had yesterday I've decided to put the options in a nice little box for you to pick your first choice, discuss amongst yourself if you have any reservations or reasons why you've opted for your final choice over another that nearly made it ... as for the questions I have come across and received ... this is a question of starting elevens, man to man on a rainy day in South Yorkshire ... which team would beat the other three on any given day at Hillsborough ???

Best all-time Premiership side ???
 Manchester United treble winners
 Arsenal Invincibles
 Mourinho's Chelsea
 Current Machester City team free polls 

Vote Away !

Who cares what Gareth Southgate thinks ???

With Love,
Matt Henshaw


PPS. Living with a Dirty Leeds fan ... this is a new section of the blog that I'll update you on from time time, witticisms, quotes and tales from the mouth of the dirty Yorkshire b*stard ... "Manchester United losing and getting knocked out of the Champions League is better than sex" ... he now on a date buying a girl milkshakes, making her laugh and causing her to play with her hair ... bon chance mon frere !!! Stay Tuned ...