Thursday, 15 December 2011

Premier League XIs / elevens / 11s (continued) (cont.) post-millennium ...

A continuation now of my seemingly popular football blogging ... the discussion / debate rages on the best Premier League side since its inception in 1992 (when Sky "invented football" according to the dirty Leeds fan) ... we turn our attention to a hand picked selection of players that you might pick to beat any other eleven ... think on ...

Did anyone watch any of them FA YouTube videos were current and former players picked their best all-time 5-a-side team ... horrendous, I can't believe the FA would publish them ... was it purely to prove how thick footballers really are??? Ashley Young, for example, picked a team of 6 players (for a 5-a-side team), all current England players (of all-time Ashley, seriously?) and included himself (again, seriously?) ... anyway, we thought we'd have a crack at picking our top 11 players that have graced the English Premier League since the Millennium Bug didn't destroy us all ...

So, without any Sheffield Wednesday players to distract me, or bias my selection (oh that will be to come, think on) ... I picked my team from the cream of the crop and thought they were quite good, what do you think? Who would you pick?? Who would you drop???

GK - Edwin Van Der Sar
RB - Gary Neville
LB - Ashley Cole
CB - Jaap Stam
CB - Roberto Carvalho
DM - Michael Essien
AM - Frank Lampard / Steve Gerrard
RW - Christiano Ronaldo
LW - Thierry Henry
SS - Wayne Rooney
CF - Didier Drogba

As you can see, I haven't ventured too far away from the big 4, not at all in fact, which players from outside the top 4 would make it into your first eleven?? JJ Okocha?

Also, if pushed I would go for Frank Lampard in the Lampard / Gerrard debate but I copped out and stuck them both in there ... who would you pick?

And you can still vote on your best Premiership XI here ... Mourinho's Chelsea winning so far ...

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