Monday, 5 May 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... Three Girl Rhumba

A long tie ago, around 2007/2008 I wrote a blog under my former guise of Matt from Censored I wrote a blog called 'Matt Censord Recommends ...' I wrote about a few people and bands that now are bordering on household names, Dog Is Dead, Jake Bugg and The Swiines, Twisted Wheel and George Moran, formerly of The Crooks, now guitarist for Miles Kane, and a little known Nottingham band called The Jonny Dodds, they you were young sloppy, naive and had a knack for falling over more so than The Cribs or The Vines ...

Well, now after seeing them last night at The Golden Fleece with Motormouf they're older, wiser, a lot slicker, and they're calling themselves Three Girl Rhumba, and make an excellent noise !

They still sound a little like The Cribs but they've clearly lived a little and seen a lot more of the country, delved into music a bit further than the mid-noughties indie dirge, and walked a path through The Talking Heads, Wire, classic songwriting, and to my delight, taken in a little blues, soul and gospel music. And of any straight up indie indie band, they're the first I've seen in a long time that instantly marked themselves out as heading for the mainstage of any festival near you very soon.

So pleased to see the lads again, and it was a real blast from the past, from when they played at my old band's Club SOS nights in Nottingham, it made me think I need to put on a show at Rock City, maybe even Nottingham Arena if we make the right kind of waves, Three Girl Rhumba, Matt Henshaw and Dog Is Dead, a real Nottingham ball, and quite the shindig, I'm sure you'd buy a ticket, right?

Catch them live now whilst the cost of a show is somewhere between Free and a fiver and you won't be disappointed !

They've done a free EP for Record Store Day this year, and it's mega, songs like Lemon Cush you'll have in your head from one day to the next ...

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