Friday, 16 May 2014

Henshaw's Horticultural Blog: The Smallest Flowers & Container Gardening

In the calm before the storm - I've got a big show in Leicester tonight with a gospel choir and loads of Love to be shared - I've spent my morning in the garden, drinking Yorkshire Tea and sipping some homemade fruit and vegetable juice.

I've been pondering moving house, and taking my produce and plants with me. Now, I'm no fan of plastic, and the titanium grip that the oil industry has on it's production, practices and general skullduggery, but if you're going to reduce, reuse and recycle efficiently, and you need a garden that's mobile, because, like me you're moving house ... then get your flowers, fruit and veg in whatever you can, whatever you've used and keep it alive !

I'll probably post more about moving with my friends (plantlife) in the coming weeks but for now, so I can get ready for the evenings activities, I'll leave you with this "Right On!" poster, shared with me by Planet Natural ... Viva La Revolution !

And here's some tunes ...

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