Sunday, 11 May 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... The De Montfort University Gospel Choir

Hallelujah, Salutations & Good Morning, Good Afternoon to you !

Since I've been in Leicester City, living, loving and making music, it's been impossible to avoid being enveloped by the great array of different cultures that and frequencies vibrating around the city. Hanging out with those of Krishna consciousness one week and in the Buddhist temple the next, it's been horizon expanding, but one group I have gravitated towards, due to a deep love of the music, imagery and sense of communion, is the gospel churches. Namely the DMU gospel choir, or to use it's full name "the Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy".

I've never mixed with such a happy group of people, devoted to their music, faith and one another. Getting to know one or two of the brothers and sisters has been a blessing and hearing them sing as often as I possibly can has been absolutely fantastic. It's easy to see why they been invited to sing for the Queen, with Kasabian and at a whole host of events in Leicester and beyond, they've popped up on the BBC and lifted hearts and souls round the country.

Mixing the African, Caribbean, British and student populations, the choir does so much from the community, university and charities in the area. I know they're looking at working on a release and bigger events in the future, and I'm hoping to build a stronger relationship with the group. Good Souls !

Extremely pleasing it is to me then to tell you that they'll be bringing their voices to Matt Henshaw Rhythm & Gospel Cavalcade @ The Cookie this Friday night (Friday 16th May, 2014). I'm excited they'll be joining me, Sam, Martin and Mia & The Moon for what is sure to be a really, really great night of music !! See you there !

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx

Here they are by the clock tower, outnumbering me even when I'm doubled ...

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