Saturday, 17 May 2014

Support The Release Of My Next EP !!

Please and thank you everybody ... you may have seen that I've been sharing a little link around recently, Thunderclap 'Always In The Way' EP Release !

Basically, all I need you to do is click the link and doe as it says ... use one of more of your social networks, either Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to support the release of my EP when the time comes ...

It's exactly one month away now until the release on Monday 16th June ... so if you've get me up to at least 100 supporters that would be golden ... I'd love to reach further into the hundreds, maybe 1000, but that's a big ask ... anyways, I hope you'll help and share with a friend of a friend ...

Artwork by Charlie Evans Design x

#TheWayItIs is on it's way, but for now here's the first taster of the record - Goodnight.

Spread The Love, MHx