Thursday, 20 February 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... Mia & The Moon

So, this week I went to a show in Leicester, I wasn't supposed to, I was supposed to be in Wales, but the stars aligned and due to the oncoming dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the inordinate amount weather we've been having I've been in the city all week. Before I get into recommending a couple more of my favourite East Midlands Girls I'm going to give a very very very special mention to the fantastic and wonderful Chris Conway ... Google Him, Do It Now !

Chris was one of the first musicians I met when I moved to the city, and if I'm honest, even from week one of getting out and playing the guitar again, I met Chris that very first week, and he's one of the finest musicians I've ever met before and since, a true gentleman and a real character. And his music makes me laugh, cry and discombobulate in equal measure ...

... so, why am I banging on about Chris Conway? Well, it was he and thee Mia & The Moon whom it was I went to see this week. The night was entitled 'Songs of Wonder', and in wonderment I sat on my bean bag, by the incense, sipping on my coffee - now I know what you're thinking, but they didn't have any milk ... and Black Coffee is always better than Black Tea ...

Both acts are fantastic and I hope that I'll see, play with, record with, write with Chris Conway sometime soon ! And Mia & The Moon are indeed celestial beings. Mary-Anne and Laura, as they are know to their friends, are sisters and carry that all encompassing yin and yang that is needed to bring the light and dark into every performance.

I won't waste any more of your time with superlatives and sycophancy so I'll let the music do the talking ... but I do find it quite serendipitous that in one sister I've found someone I feel I can write some great soul songs with and add a bit of female harmony to the Matt Henshaw Rhythm'n'Gospel Cavalcade and in the other sister I've found someone I can talk about the stars and space with in a completely unscientific manner, yeah, we're really out there ... Man !!

Spread The Love indeed ! MHx