Thursday, 13 February 2014

Matt Henshaw's Horticultural Blog - Planting Season !

It's wet, it's windy and more often than not, it's raining ! But if you get a half hour dry patch like the one I've just had this afternoon then get outside in the brief sunshine and tend to the soil. It misses you !

And if this kind of thing makes you happy like it does me then go and have a look t the tulip or daffodil bulbs you put out in the autumn ...

You should be coming up to harvesting time for your winter goodies, my garlics, winter potatoes, lettuce and herb plants are coming along nicely. Plus, I took a gamble on a chocolate pepper just before the winter solstice on the kitchen windowsill - they should be planted in January - and it's so happy ... best friends with the thyme plant on there.

Worry not, however, you've got between January and June really to get most of your vegetables in, so depending on your time and efficiency get them sown when you can. Just plopped in some lovely little spuds, peas, beans and some hemp seeds.

NB. you will have some casualties on the way, no time to get upset and dwell on your losses, my radish and spinach plants couldn't handle the extreme colds we been having but you might get lucky and even though my whiteberry bushes and silver sage plant have been outside facing the endless batterings of the weather and they're looking strong and fabulous as ever !

Life is as Life is, it comes and it goes, one of my best friends has just had a happy, healthy baby girl, 2014 is the year for positivity and celebration. Join in ! Turn off the TV, go outside ... wrap up mind you !