Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Victoria Inn setlist ...

A very enjoyable show last night with Reggiimental, The Iron Door Club and The Young Guns. Bananas, apples, a rider and everything. And they've tidied up the Vic Inn a little bit too, pedestrianised the outside and new carpets on the inside - not much can be done about the occasional waft of a tangy aroma that weaves its way through the place I'm sure - it's been a fair while since I've been in Derby I'm sure you can tell. And very good to be there on a day when all the sheepy people were returning home from a victory at the City Ground down Brian Clough Way in Nottingham. I have no bias as a Sheffield Wednesday fan, but it's always better to in the company of shiny happy people, just ask Michael Stipe (or was he being ironic?) ... anyway, good lovin' in Derby city.

The Way It Is
The World's Gone Mad
Can't Hold Back
B-Boy Soul / The Deepest Cellar
Bonne Nuit Madame / Stand By the Window
Winter Wonderland

As you see from the short and sweet setlist there's a couple of little mash-up things (essentially making it up as we went along, but it worked really well) ... great Greenwich Village via Tamworth Beat Club type stuff. I'll have to post you my version of The Way It Is in the style of Joan Baez some day ...

Can you believe this pleases me ...

... no, neither can I ! Small things though eh?

Catch you on the flipside,
Matt H.