Thursday, 29 January 2015

Life Affirming Times in Old Deutschland ! MHx (Songs & Whispers Tour Diary 4)

Not long to go now in Germany and I've got to say this last week has brought me so much happiness and joy to be amongst people, performing music and working so hard ... certainly 3 shows in particular have given me so much resolve in the power of live music, the connection between beautiful people and affirmation and reaffirmation that life is good, what I'm doing is good and we're on the right path !

Peace, Love & Tea ... Frieden Liebe und Tee !!

There are so many countless stand out moments in the last few weeks I could write a short novella on the great times I've had, I hope the next few nights down south in Duisberg, I only hope the good people around Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Dinslaken are as good to me as the great folks in the north west have been.

Here's me with Lucky, Annika's Songs & Whispers office dog, and now my good friend, I love that little chap !

Aside from the big city lights of Hamburg and Bremen, I've particularly enjoy seeing the smaller towns and villages, the places like Quelkhorn and Achim covered in snow, seemingly like German postcard spots, beautiful places and beautiful people, so much history.

But tonight's show in Syke was one of the most enjoyable I have played anywhere, ever ! A massive amount of people turning out in a beautiful space, a museum of contemporary art, much like my favourite home town show at the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery,which I hope to heading back to before the summer, and talking of heading back, I will definitely definitely definitely definitely be back in Germany before you can say "eine tasser tee mit milch!"

Fur meine Frau ...

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