Friday, 16 January 2015

Frieden, Liebe und Tee !! January 2015, MHx (Songs & Whispers Tour Diary)

Matt Henshaw Newspaper Germany

One week driving and performing through Britain, France, The Netherlands and Germany, and what a ball I am having !! The press clipping (left) is from this week's Oyten - Bassen newspaper where I have just played, in a private bar called Dohm-Eck, a great little place, only open twice a month, once for the wonderful Songs & Whispers artists.

The good people of Oyten, Bassen, Bremen and Bremervorde have so far made me feel like a star in Deutschland, such fantastic people, kind, warm-hearted, good-natured and willing to listen, enjoy and appreciate people making music.

Conversation so far has centred around tea, football and the cost of cigarettes and alcohol in Britain !! And, I suppose, how mein Deutsch ist nicht gut ... but I get by ... tee, tasse, untertasse, löffel, milch ... I know all I need to know.

Alles gut back home and I'm loving my time in Germany, and I'm already thinking about next time !

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx

PS. my latest YouTube video - 'Stop Me Girl' - keeps on accumulating the views too, so Happy Days ! Stay Cool, Stay Beautiful, One & All x

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