Thursday, 16 January 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... Kate Rendell

A nice quick blog before I head out into the bright lights of Leicester City. Why am I going out I hear you cry? Well, first off, after a day of video production, tour-related meetings and a bit of fruit indulgence on Leicester Market, I'm off to play a secret little show and then see another one of my favourite East Midlands girls perform at my local, right on my doorstep bless her !

Kate Rendell is so sweet, like a real proper fruit salad, I'm not talking the saccharin little sweets that get in your teeth, or syrupy stuff out of a tin, but an actual fruit salad with all the freshness, zing and zest of real fruit ... now, Kate is not a fruit, but she is sweet. Anyway, I think I've lingered on this metaphor long enough ... Music ?

Such a natural with a guitar in her hands it's as though she was born that way, she can carry a stage or compliment an other as easy as most find it to tie their shoes. Tonight I'm seeing her play with the wonderful Tom Crump as part of Sold Separately, which with their combined teenage songwriting abilities have hit a few melodies and turns of phrase that would have you jotting down beautiful similes and metaphors by the dozen if you was keeping track.

Also, performing with Moccasin Mile there's a diversity and a recognition that the comfort zone is ever-expanding. I'd like to see more of Kate on her own and develop that sweetness into a fully formed songstress, and I think an element of diva won't do her any harm, when a girl has a gift a girl should get what she wants and run with it. Very much still learning, as she is still at college, and finding her musical feet, it's early days for our Miss. Kate Rendell but definitely one to keep an eye on and listen out for, one day she'll write her own Tapestry and you will all want to hear it, I hope so anyway.

Peace, Love & Tea,
Matt Henshaw x

PS. she's also a dab hand with a camera too ... I'm in the process of uploading some studio shots she did for me at the tail end of last year ... Spread The Love !

matt henshaw by kate rendell in pink and red