Friday, 24 January 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... AJA

Ok, so who doesn't like a bit of crazy in their ladies? No one, that's who. I had the sincere pleasure and privilege to play with our AJA on my second show of the year. Nottingham's own electro wizardess. Unassuming, unpredictable and unbound or chained by musical genre, stereotype or prejudice. AJA weaves in and around the music like a free ethereal being. She's got soul in her bones and it's amazing she can generate it from the cold digital mechanics of a laptop, loop and effects pedal.

Before returning to my comfort zone of an acoustic guitar and vocals I made my own musical expedition, an esoteric voyage through the world of alternative beats and flavours, and I'm glad I did. Listening to AJA is so much more rewarding if you've school yourself in the intricacies of Bjork's, Beck's and Moby's back catalogue. Don't worry though if you haven't, there's still entry for all into AJA's world of positive psychedelic vibrations.

An accomplished DJ and songstress the room is filled nigh on all night with colour, sounds and shapes. An modern 24 hour technicolour dream beckons, so if I was to throw a party, after-party or hire a boat for some close friends, sail out to international waters and be as debauched as a libertine after lent I'd give AJA a call and get her behind the decks.

Have a listen, liven up your weekend ...

But, don't you ... forget about me ...