Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Anti-Tesco Protest Video & Public Debate in Clarendon Park, Leicester ...

If you've been following my blog and recent press you will have noted that I've joined the campaign to see Tesco's plan to introduce a new store in the Clarendon Park area of Leicester be scrapped.

Here's a little video with some hearty and healthy information about the Tesco corporation ... stop shopping for convenience and think about what you're doing, make informed choices and if you want to improve your world, improve the world around and within you first. Boycott Tesco.

Also, I've been featured in the Leicester Mercury, well a short snippet of all that I said, here's everything that I said ... which was welcomed with no answer or rebuttal from Mr. Simon Petar towing the well rehearsed lines of the Tesco corporation ...

"Hello I'm Matt, a former student and former employee of the University of Leicester I have used Queens Road in the past and now live on the other side of town behind the De Montfort University campus. I'd like to ask if you were involved in the introduction of the new Tesco at the bottom of Mill Lane by Bede Park and how long you've been with Tesco? The way that Tesco store has affected the local area by installing itself in a beautiful old building, forcing the Bede Park Sainsbury's out onto to Narborough Road, and forced other shops in the area to struggle such as Step In and the De Montfort University Spar shop. There are far more derelict buildings now than just the one that Tesco believed they would "renovate", and the locally Nat's convenience was undercut by Tesco and sold to Costcutter which couldn't survive and then sold on further at a lower price to Tesco owned stores, OneStop, another Tesco store in the area, under a different name to avoid laws on monopolisation."

"You say that it will create local jobs and be convenient to local but you're preying on the transient student population as you did in the De Montfort University area and it is they who will frequent and be employed in the shop. Is there anything we can actually do to stop this Tesco being opened or is it a forgone conclusion?"

A round of applause and a non-answer, but I do fear that there isn't much we can do beside mass mobility and, possibly occupying the store, and/or the street !!

Viva La Revolution !

PS. read some Anti-Tesco Protest Poetry ...