Monday, 22 April 2013

Coming Around on the radio ...

Morning/Afternoon/Evening little world wide web gang of mine,

News to tell you, just over a week before the official release of Coming Around, we've been getting some radio play in the build up. Three tracks have been featured on the waves, online and digital. Coming Around, Concrete Jungle and Everybody Clap Your Hands featuring myself, ReggiiMental, Joey Gzus and Sharlene Gordon. The BBC, Nusic, IceBreaker Radio and more have been playing my stuff, it makes me happy to think people might be listening in the bath, putting up some shelves or doing whatever else people might do with the radio on.

Got some radio sessions, interviews and podcast features coming up; or Coming Around should I say? But I'll tell you about them when they happen, no doubt.

Now have a listen to the THREE tracks previewed over on bandcamp ... why not pre-order?! These three have been featured on the radio around the world, so that's why I'm sharing ... hope you enjoy Joey Gzus bringing the heaviest verse of the album. Special AKA influenced dub-ska right there !

Here's Joey Gzus ... Jesus he's fresh !!!