Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Deepest Cellar - Reviewed & Rated ...

All the recent reviews and press features and tales of the narrative plot so far in the story of Matt Henshaw and ReggiiMental have been posted up on the official myspace page of Matt Henshaw so get yourself over there now !!!

Matt Henshaw's Official MySpace page

Watch out as new players enter the fray ... Chris Goring about to drop a BIG project ... Joey G-Zus will be tingling your very soul with Cartoon Hip-Hop Volume. 3 very soon ... Flava Dan is Cleanin' Up with ReggiiMental on the first installment of the Rusty Jukebox Radio DJ series ... and the much more and many man dem to come ...

Keep up with all the latest from Rusty Jukebox Records.

I hope we've left you Wanting More ... 'cos there's plenty more coming your way !!!
<a href="http://matthenshaw.bandcamp.com/track/wanting-more">Wanting More by Matt Henshaw</a>