Friday, 6 November 2015

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... The Sherlocks

There's something happening again in South Yorkshire, not only are Sheffield Wednesday on their way back, 10 games unbeaten in all competitions, a run that includes in opposition the likes of Arsenal, Newcastle and Nottingham Forest, the Reverend & The Makers recent album was a revelation, something straight out of Arthur Lee's back catalogue with raw Northern songsmithery littered all over it, so comes The Sherlocks ...

A hard working and dedicated band of two sets of brothers churning out seemingly effortlessly brilliant tunes of the highest order. Unafraid to write choruses that will stay with you for the rest of the day, the week, even the rest of your like, and it makes me tingle and warms my heart. Songs are still out there, the well hasn't run dry, I just wish more people and more bands would go fishing.

Enough mixed metaphors, plain and simple, today's the day their third single - 'Heart of Gold' - is released and it follows on nicely from where previously 'Live For The Moment' and 'Escapade' left off ... you probably should buy it ...

Relentlessly touring like myself for the last couple of years, it's a lesson in "digging in", craftsmanship and stealing hearts along the way, music is at it's best when it's giving someone hope and something to believe in in a small town hundreds of miles away from where you're from. And a lot places are miles from Bolton Upon Dearne, but there's someone in Dudley and someone in Derby right now that believes life is worth living.

I've been lucky enough to share a stage with the lads and catch them in non-performance mode, and they're a refreshing bunch of "proper lads", making music that's laddish without being boorish, and poetic without being pretentious and tick all the right boxes in terms of the canon of truly great British bands ... there's something happening here, everybody look what's goin' down ...

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx

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