Thursday, 19 March 2015

Matt Henshaw - WINNER !!!

What a fantastic start to the year I've had, or as the business people would say "rapid growth in the first quarter of 2015" ... and without you Beautiful Souls, it wouldn't mean a thing, thanks for all your Love & Support !

BEST MALE - Midlands Independent Music Awards (MIMAs) 2015
BEST EP - 'Your Eyes Are Made Of Gold' Galaxy Music Awards 2015

But you already knew these things to be true, right ??

If so, invite some more people you think are cool enough to be in this 'ere group - ie. most people - and if you're in the East Midlands give them an invite to Matt Henshaw's FREE Peace, Love & Tea Party Live @ The Contemporary, Nottingham, it's gonna be one heck of a homecoming party !!

And Big Love & Thanks to Grey House England for all the luck, love and light ...

Peace, Love & Tea,
Matt Henshaw x