Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Things I Like ... LinkedIn

Good evening folks !

You may have seen this, or heard me talking about it on my podcast - Tea and Toast with Matt Henshaw & Stu Crown. I've become a bit of a rockin' poster child for the professional social networking site, LinkedIn.

As part of the company's drive to promote their ability to turn "passion into a profession" I was chosen from the thousands of users on there who play, produce and promote music to represent the sector and tell my story (above) through a Slide Share presentation.

And I am user, click the image to check out my profile, it was quite nice when I updated it all after quitting my job at the University of Leicester, it told me I was an "all-star", even though it's just binary code and digits, it was still uplifting. Then when opportunities started surfacing through using the website I was even happier.

The website got me in touch with a lot of people from my past, who luckily enough were willing to say such nice things about me in professional public forum, and has connected me with loads of potential aids in my "career" - I'm still not keen on that word but I suppose that's what I have embarked on doing this music lark.

I don't want to sit here and type that Linked in is the saviour of all things work related and professional, and I'm sure they'd agree, but particularly in this music game it can be used as an integral way to network online, every different social network in cyber space has it's different uses, and Linked in, unlike say, Facebook, is a great way of expanding your online network beyond your friends and finding people who work specifically in your area.

And it's also nice that this Slide Share by Linked in is aiding me to accomplish my mission of making all my pets, past and present more famous than me, you've already met Tippy The Cat, now let me introduce the star of the slide show ... Bessie the Fancy Goldfish !

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