Monday, 9 June 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... GEORGIE

I love this girl. She's a Queen, she's a star and she has a presence that soars and shines beyond your average girl with a guitar. Talk to her on any night of the week and without saying very much, in fact saying very little, you'll know she's passionate, driven and has a wealth of musical knowledge and talent that far surpasses your average songstress.

Without drawing too many parallels to myself I like it that you can go to shows in Nottingham and Georgie will be there, checking out who's hot and who's not, and making recommendations of who you should see next, unless of course, like myself in Leicester, we're busy elsewhere Spreading The Love !

I mentioned on this week's Tea and Toast with Matt Henshaw & Stu Crown podcast that Georgie reminds of a female composite of Elvis Presley in his majestic prime and Bob Dylan at Isle Of Wight. And that's no lie. I know she's a big Elvis fan, and we share a love of the old school classics, good songwriting and delivery are in her second nature.

By all accounts and all reports I've heard back, Georgie Rose was the standout act of this year's Dot To Dot Festival, and I'm not surprised.

Hence why I'm so excited that she is playing as my first non-Leicestershire artist at Matt Henshaw's Rhythm & Gospel Cavalcade at The Cookie this month ! Not far to travel but it's funny how East Midlanders seem to believe there's a whole world of difference between the 4 major cities and handful of of beautiful larger towns we have in this area.

I hope there becomes more of a cross-contamination of music around these parts and everyone gets behind one another, I've been around and believe me, there are some gems lurking around the corner in Notts, Derbyshire, Leicester, Lincoln, Northampton, etc. you only need to peek outside and you'll find something you like.

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx

PS. she's bringing this lot with her, gonna make some beautiful noise ! I, for one, can't wait !!

The De Montfort University Gospel Choir
By The Rivers
Martin Luke Brown
Joy Mumford
Three Girl Rhumba
Samuel Idwal
Abandon Her
Stef Baker
Emily Carr
Becky Edwards
Mia & The Moon
Kate Rendell
Esther Van Leuven
East Midlands Girls
Ones to Watch for 2014
The Bobcats
Savanna Bones
Matt Zara
The Simpletones
Charlotte Carpenter
Leah Sinead
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