Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Matt Henshaw (newsletter)

Good morning, Good evening and Good afternoon !

Well, I've had a busy few months, I hope you have too, working on things to better yourself and the world around you, mostly all I have to offer is songs, but I'll keep working at it.  Taking a little break now for the festive season, here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all !  But first, a quick recap of what I've done, what I'm doing and what's in store for 2014 ...

Here's a video for you especially for Christmas ... In The Presence Of The Lord, Listen, Like, Share, Repeat ...

 ... and you can listen to an acoustic version over on my SoundCloud ... see you there !

I've stuck up a few tunes now for free and there's loads of radio sessions up on YouTube too, come join over 1000 subscribers to my channel today !  So pleased to see everything still growing nicely as we head into the new year.

Matt Henshaw's Adventures in Wonderland
My blog continues to grow and diversify too, I'm doing weekly recommendatios of some of my favourite musical things, giving you gardening updates and tips, exclusive video bits, lyrics, updates and more ... probably the best place for you to keep up with what I'm doing.  I'm sure as you can tell from my mailing list newsletters that I'm a fan of the lengthy epistolary exchange !

Matt Henshaw

Writing & Recording in 2014
Having a few weeks off my plan is to record some new stuff in the new year.  Having written many album's worth of songs I want to record everything to a standard that I am well and truly happy to put my name on.  Fingers crossed that everything works out in January and I get close to where I want to be sonicly.  Keep an eye on the FacebookBlog and Twitter for some new videos and pictures from my recent shoots coming soon.  And I wish you all a happy and prosperous one, stay cool, stay beautiful, and stay tuned !

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