Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... Mattayoux

Recommending again ... this week I'd like to draw your attention to my new favourite octet - Mattayoux. Quite a surprising and amazing little find, these guys and gals blew me away when I saw them a couple months back courtesy of one of my favourite little nights in Leicester, Charlotte Carpenter's Tea Party at The Cookie Jar in Leicester.

Front man Leo Stannard is blazing a trail as a solo artist but his college friends aid in creating a luscious landscape of free moving parts incorporating R&B, jazz, ambient, funk and electronic sounds that you can imagine resonating around any sized room. The sheer joy I encountered standing and listening to their noise hasn't been rivalled this year so far, and if any act wishes to better it they'd better be quick as 2013 is almost over.

Keyboard man, Matti Scott has garnered a place as one of my favourite musicians in the East Midlands, instantly turned on by his ability to play the organ like a young Booker T. Jones or Jimmy Smith, and then cementing his abilities in my mind programming sonic landscapes and switching between instruments with ease, and a modesty that is quite humbling. And if you've read my previous recommendations you'll know that I'm quite excited about another musician quite close to me with the moniker of Matt.

Another key factor is the presence of girls in the band, everyone knows the late great Lou Reed's theory openly adhered to by the likes of JArvis Cocker that any good band needs a bit of oestrogen, Irene and Isabel work in the strings and woodwind department, a huge compliment to the sound, and so refreshing to hear when seeing so many bands today relies on synthesized sounds, computers and/or effects to produce the noises you need to hear. Seeing and hearing Mattayoux is an absolute pleasure.

No discounting James, Phil and George are some of the nicest kids you might get the chance to meet, and Will may just sweet talk you enough to get you to go buy him a drink ! Just to re-iterate, an absolute pleasure, if you get the chance to go and catch, please do !

Peace, Love & Tea,
Matt Henshaw.