Thursday, 24 October 2013

Play The Game - Matt Henshaw (newsletter)

So, this is what we're doing.  Playing the game.  Whilst I'm slowly coming to terms with being a solo singer-songwriter and looking out for means of keeping those skills of singing and songwriting in employment I'll be slowly dripping out some of my recordings ... so far It Ain't Easy and My Life have surfaced.  And here's a third instalment ... 
Play The Game
About coming of age in Nottingham city and a reflection on how great cities transition from pastoral historic medieval towns to the great globalised Americanised urban metropolitan cities, that by hook or by crook, they're now becoming around the world.

Nevermind anyway, eh?  It's just a ride.  I like this format, not giving too much away, letting the songs do the singing ... but it you are hungry for imagery here's me performing at The Curve Theatre in Leicester ... and you can always find me on facebook and/or instagram ...

Matt Henshaw @ The Curve Theatre, Leicester
Peace, Love & Understanding, Matt Henshaw x