Friday, 11 October 2013

Matt Henshaw on instagram !

Good Day,

Rainy day here in the East Midlands. And as I feel like my blog is my much neglected favourite child I'm going to start writing more, that is my Autumn promise to myself. I'm a fan of the extended written word and the epistolary exchange, my last blog mentioned my success in growing my mailing list, facebook and twitter following, and my considering joining instagram, well I have, but snapshots and 140 characters just don't satisfy my need to mass communication. So here we go ...

I have joined instagram ... here's my first picture ...

An artistic assembly of torn beer mats by me, live from the Cookie Jar, Leicester. Don't worry though, the beer mats were already torn and on table I found myself sitting with a moment to spare ... I'm not one of these sexual frustrated people who go around tearing up beer mats and ripping the labels off their bottles !

In the meantime since the last blog I have been plotting and planning and writing and thinking. I played a radio session at Hermitage FM this week which will go out on Saturday night and be repeated again in the week. I played a brand new song entitled 'No Matter How' that is me embracing my new hobbies, life of living with being me and coming to terms with how I am. Sure you'll hear it live at some point or maybe on a grainy youtube video.

My plan is to write more blogs, keep it interesting, let you in on my new hobbies, or things I have always done but don't mind sharing, it's 2013 afterall, and I'm on facebook, instagram and twitter ! And I'm slowly but surely adding to The Matt Henshaw Archive, essentially a place for backing up all my things, just in case technology lets me down, as it almost always does !!

Goodbye for now, stay tuned, stay beautiful, and don't forget to keep listening to my stuff,
Matt Henshaw
Matthew Henshaw
Satsuma Elephant