Tuesday, 2 July 2013

July July July ... #GoodTimes #GayTimes #MoreGoodTimes

Hello Hello Hello and good welcome(?),

So I've had a pretty busy loooooong weekend. 2 shows Friday, down in Gloucestershire on Saturday and then Party In The Park in Birmingham on Sunday ... I won't tell you the setlist because we've tried some new stuff and want it to be a surprise. Especially for Godiva Festival @ War Memorial Park in Coventry this Saturday. We're on in the Rhythm Tent at half past 5 after Lee from Madness and his Ska Orchestra and Neville Staples from The Specials, and it's all for FREE so if you're in the Midlands and you're not there I want a seriously good reason for missing out on this one.

And then over the last two days I've been moving house in Leicester, no internet, and NO KETTLE for the last few hours ... whose idea was it to pack that up and put it in the car so soon ?!?! Before I had one last tea in the old place. Anyways, just murdered a lovely cup of the warm stuff in the new place and it feels so right. Good Times ... or as the kids say #GoodTimes ...

Anyways, the rest of the week? Heading down to London for the next two days, important meetings to be had and heading over to the New Designers Exhibition in Islington to take a peek at the best new art students in the UK. I'm sure i'll tell you a thing or two about it ... art galleries are a new pleasure ... just spread good feelings through great imagery ... and creativity makes me tingle ...

Then, Scorpios in High Wycombe on Friday night for me and ReggiiMental, it'll be nice to be back in High Wycombe, and so soon (they love us down there) as we kicked off the Coming Around Tour down there at the start of May. #GoodTimes #MoreGoodTimes

As this is quite a text heavy blog I'll leave you with a little picture of me from the last couple of months ... Enjoy !

... hanging out at Helsinki, Leicester's Premier Gay Club, with flowers in my hair for a friend's birthday ! #GayTimes