Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Exchange Bar, Leicester Setlist ...

Tonigh; or should I say last night as it's now in the wee early hours of the morning I entertained the fine folks of Leicester's Vineyard Church at the Exchange Bar in Leicester. The cultural quarter no less. Me being all cultural and that playing my calvacade of acoustic rhythm and gospel. Everybody enjoyed, Coming Around CDs were sold and songs were sung.

Here's them ones what I played ...
It Ain't Easy
Always In The Way
In The Presence Of The Lord
I've Had Tears (You're Not There)

If you haven't heard a few of them then the best way to hear them is to catch me live singin' 'em.

I've got a few acoustic sets booked in this summer along with shows and festival with ReggiiMental, MuthaFunk and Satsuma Elephants.

See you Around ... did I tell you that we're Coming Around ... ??!