Tuesday, 10 July 2012

All My Best & All My Apologies ...

Sorry I haven't blogged properly in so long ... I thought I'd blog now though as I've just gotten round to replying to couple of blog comments on this 'ere blog dating way back to the end of May ... I feel terrible but I just thought I'd reblog them here as you can see they're from two of the best Matt Henshaw (Censored) fans that there ever was, and to prove that I'm still alive ...

Here's the original blog post and the comments below ... have a read ... or have a read below if you're too lazy to click and don't mind having no stylish text to read, just the plain old matthenshaw11.blogspot.co.uk blog entry typeface ...


Tardismate29 May 2012 16:21
Congratulations love...it certainly sounds good! :) x

robster29 May 2012 21:34
Well done dear boy. As a small tribute, I thought I'd mention an old tune of yours on my blog - because it still make me want to pogo round the living room every time I hear it. I'm sure you know which one it is........


Matt Henshaw10 July 2012 23:34
Thanks folks!

Two of my most loyal supporters right there I'm sure.

Actually graduated today, so that's officially that with the University of Leicester.

Johnny, Johnny Boy, you're such a jolly boy !

I might have been sure it would have been that one Rob, I haven't heard it for so long, and the video I had all but forgotten about! Nice One !

Good memories ... plenty more where that came from, stay tuned, and hopefully I'll have my new website up and running this summer,packed full of memories, and new stuff of course, and just general all round goodness ...

Apologies to you both, and anyone else who bothers to read the comments bits on my blog (you're my favourite people in the world, by the way!) I've been busy with the arbitrary and mundane of life of late ... well, for most people it would be mundane, but when you're Matt Henshaw you can find excitement on every turn! So, I'm having a good one, and I hope you are too ...

Speak Soon!
Matt Henshaw x"