Friday, 5 September 2014

Matt Henshaw Recommends ... Elizabeth Cornish

Here I go recommending again, this time a beautiful soul, one of the most heartfelt and passionate troubadours I've come across. Massively excited to say that the lovely Elizabeth Cornish will be joining me at the Cookie, Leicester for my show on Saturday 20th September, and what a talented little lady she is.

I bought her album 'Displaced' a few months ago to accompany me driving around the country this festival season, and it's been a wonderfully wistful companion soundtracking my journeys. And it's all the more pleasing when I bought the CD from her cash in hand, her adorably modest demeanour said "are you sure you want to buy one, they're quite expensive?!"

No regrets, what a purchase ! The opening 5 songs melted my heart straight away. Track one 'Tears with Tea' wins on that title alone, but when you listen through the delicate, intricate web of emotions and platitude of honest raw confessional lyrics you can only be left uplifted, heartbroken and endeared to Elizabeth's tacit charm.

The title track 'Displaced' had me itching to let of the steering wheel and learn the chords right away, and I'll be honest, 'Saint' almost had me in tears, if you've ever felt love, in love or part of an unconditional love you'll know exactly what I mean.

More people should feel the heartbeats pumped into this record, more people should hear Miss Cornish sing, and more people should know her name, you should start by coming out to see her with myself on Saturday 20th September Live @ The Cookie in Leicester along with The Strangler Figs and the De Montfort University Gospel Choir ...

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx

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