Saturday, 8 October 2011

'My Week' by Matt Henshaw (2/10/11-8/10/11)

Passed my driving test !

Saw Sheffield Wednesday lurch up the second in League 1 (I still think that makes it sound half OK, like "league one" means the top division)

Wished my brother a happy birthday on the other side of the world
(he's in Bangkok and all he wants is a nice cup of tea ... but apparently his Mrs. was going to get him a lady boy for his birthday!)

Played poker with the boys ... won ... obviously ... the prize? Dinner bought for on the following night as we went out and watch England draw in spectacular style in a European Qualifier against Montenegro ... (for my North American readers - I know you're out there - a draw is when both teams have the same number of goals/points at the end of a game, and we consider this OK) ...

Today ... did a couple of talks at the University of Leicester about how going to University after you're twenty one is a good idea ie. as a mature student ie. an old codger (I am considered old and mature in certain facets of society ... as my mate Mark said "when I first met you and you was wearing a dressing gown, slippers and sipping a cup of tea I thought you was going to be posh ... but it turns out you're just a little old man" ... the best review I've ever had!!!)

NOW?! Hibernation, reading, Ealing Comedies ... and my next two musical projects are taking shape nicely.

Sit tight for a Ringo Starr style headshot et cheesy grin... peace and love, Peace & Love ...

#nowplaying Marvin Gaye, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Miles Kane, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and Lee Perry ...
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