Monday, 13 December 2010

Matt Henshaw on Music Vita ... video interview and review ...

The Music Freak Video Interview with Matt Henshaw

Can’t Hold Back is the brand new EP by singer-songwriter Matt Henshaw, whose lyrical mod-indie credentials are being coupled with the unlikely combination of UK hip hop artist Reggimental, to produce this perfect EP, released on Rusty Juke Box Records on the 10th October 2010.

Henshaw, originally from Nottingham, has been in previous musical incarnations such as the band Censored, when at the tender age of 17, played Leeds, Reading and Isle Of Wight festivals, receiving substantial amount of radio airplay and supporting the likes of Snow Patrol, We Are Scientists, Supergrass, Ocean Colour Scene, Arctic Monkeys, The Bluetones and The Holloways.

In true rock'n'roll style, exasperated by years of alcohol dependency, band in-fighting, struggles against the confines of unimaginative industry labelling, and the bitter dissolution of several personal relationships, he decided to go away. He spent a whole year where he didn't touch a guitar or sing a note, instead he wrote a novel and a series of short stories, started gardening, quit alcohol and decided to study film at university with no aspirations to sing again.

The Music Freak asked Matt to do his own video interview. Matt ended up doing quite a lovely job indeed.
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Matt Henshaw at The Gaff 23.09.10

The first thing that strikes you about Matt Henshaw is his dress sense, in a grey suit jacket his quirky sense of fashion makes him stand out from the crowd. However, the minute he opens his mouth all you can focus on is his magnificent voice, it wouldn’t matter if he was wearing a brown paper bag.

His voice is so different from what we are hearing in abundance at the moment, it is deeply soulful beyond his years. The Gaff club in Holloway road is the perfect place to stage the ‘Prove It’ show case which Matt is headlining along with Reggiimental who he is collaborating with. With is dark and gloomy but totally trendy d├ęcor and uber cool atmosphere it sets the perfect scene for his performance.

With his modest demeanour and this hugely powerful voice watching Matt is memorizing. The sound is unique, mixed with Reggiimental’s MCing it fuses two very different genres in a surprisingly successful way. ‘The Deepest Cellar’ is a track that has the funkiest bass line this side of the 70’s with an urban edge thanks to Reggiimental’s superb MC skills. The best song of the night is undoubtedly ‘Can’t hold back’ the title track from Matt’s forthcoming EP.

As with all of his songs there is a really strong soul influence but with relevantly modern lyrics thanks to Reggiimental. Matt sings ‘see my friends you have to live your life,’ and there is something that really resonates there. Uplifting lyrics and melody make this a real feel good song that can’t help but leave you smiling, and wanting to hear more.

It’s clear why Matt Henshaw is this year’s NME Breakthrough artist, and why the duo was voted by NME readers to open the Lovebox festival earlier this year. Matt, who the BBC described as ‘just perfect’ releases his debut EP ‘Can’t Hold Back’ on the 10th of October..
- Jane Pople